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P and N type dopant are typically diffused thermally into the substrate in a furnace at a high temperature and atmospheric pressure. The dopant source can be gases (PH3, B2H6), liquids (POCl3, BCl3), or solids (P2O5, B2O3 wafer pre-diffusion follow with a drive in step).
CVD Equipment provides single tube and multi-tube furnaces for batch wafer processes. The system can be configured for 4", 6" and 8" wafers with 10 and up to more than 100 wafers per load capacity to meet your research and production requirement.

Boat of wafers loading into Hot Wall Furnace Chamber

Silicon dioxide can be made by thermal oxidation of silicon wafers at a high temperature. The oxidation process can be produced by using 3 different methods depending on the film quality needed.

These methods are:

  • Dry oxidation using pure O2 gas at high temperature (around 1000 °C) produces high density and pinhole free oxide layer. Nitrous oxide can be used to produce oxynitride film.

  • Wet oxidation using O2 through a water bubbler occurs at 800 °C to 1100 °C. It produces lesser quality oxide but the oxidation rate is much faster.

  • Pyrogenic oxidation uses a separate heater to generate hot water vapor stream from the reaction of H2 and O2. It minimizes the temperature disturbance caused by the cool water vapor used in regular wet oxidation.
Here at CVD Equipment, we offer offer single tube and multi-tube thermal CVD for batch wafer oxidation processes.

12" raw wafers in boats before going into a CVD, LPCVD and many other process tools manufactured by CVD Equipment Corporation
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